GL RC Ni-MH SC 3300mAh 7..2V 6F






Battery information:

Cell type:  Ni-MH Battery SC 3300P 1.2V

Nominal Capacity: 3300mAh

Voltage: 7.2V

Max. discharge : 33A(50A burst)

Charge:Quick 2A-3A

Configuration: 6F

Connector: JR/FUTABA

 Please note that we also produce other capacity SC battery, capacity range is 1500to 5300mAh. just let me know what capacity you need  if you do not want this capacity



●Adopt the latest Ni-MH battery technology 

●Lower internal Impedance  The internal impedance is lower even under super high discharge rate

●Better power performanceProvide more powerful force

●Higher capacityCan work for longer time under 10C discharge rate compared with other brands on market

●More stable performance: Safer and more reliable

●Better storage performanceCan maintain good performance even after long time storage

●More extensive application areas :Also suitable for elctric Remote Control Car, Tank, Boat and Plane etc

●Recommended Charger: Smart Universal Battery Pack Charger

●We offer battery packs with different capacity, voltage, assembling way, wire and connectors

●WITH TAMIYA®, DEANS®, TRX® , BANANA plug or Other plug.