Energy Storage Battery lithium 18650/26650 9.6V/11.1V 3S3P


 Model:9.6V/11.1V 3S3P

Application Range: Projector, Intellegent home furnishings, Robot

Rated Voltage:9.6V/11.1V 

Capacity Range:6Ah, 6.6Ah,7.8Ah, 9Ah

Max. Charge Current:4A

Max. Discharge Current: 10A (or custom made)

Measurement of finished battery pack: 94*42*68mm (or custom made)

Cell type: 18650 or 26650

Operation temperature range: -10℃ ~ 65℃

Safety Protection: Explosion proof and custom-made protection, over charge, over discharge

Self-discharge of cell: 4-8uA

IR of cell: ≤50mR

Wires: HX-2PUL1007,18AWG 120mm(or custom made)



1, Small size, light weight and large capacity

2, Certifications approve: CE/MSDS/UN38.3/UL

3, No memory effect, can be charged or discharged any time.

4, long cycle life: capacity keep more than 80% after 500times cycle.

5, Environment friendly, Cr/Pb/Hg free

6, Super low self-discharge, low IR, higher capacity.

7, High safety, No fire or no explosion even under short circuit, over charge, over discharge, impact, vibration, puncture, high temperature etc.

8, Custom-made, color of cell film, printing code, wires and PCB etc.