Lighting Battery lithium 18650/26650 9.6V/11.1V 3S32P


Model:9.6V/11.1V 3S32P

Application Range: Solar street light, Back Up Power, Lawn lamp

Rated Voltage:9.6V/11.1V 

Capacity Range:48Ah, 64Ah,70.4Ah,  83.2Ah, 96Ah

Max. Charge Current:15A

Max. Discharge Current: 25A (or custom made)

Measurement of finished battery pack: 242*230*100mm (or custom made)

Cell type: 18650 or 26650

Operation temperature range: -10℃ ~ 70℃

Safety Protection: Explosion proof and custom-made protection

Self-discharge of cell: 4-8uA

IR of cell: ≤50mR

Wires: DC plug, UL1007, 16AWG, 150mm (or custom made)



1, Small size, light weight and large capacity

2, Certifications approve: CE/MSDS/UN38.3/UL

3, No memory effect, can be charged or discharged any time.

4, long cycle life: capacity keep more than 80% after 500times cycle.

5, Environment friendly, Cr/Pb/Hg free

6, Super low self-discharge, low IR, higher capacity.

7, High safety, No fire or no explosion even under short circuit, over charge, over discharge, impact, vibration, puncture, high temperature etc.

8, Custom-made, color of cell film, printing code, wires and PCB etc.


Usage knowledge of Lithium battery

1, Charge lithium battery with right charger.

2, Do not reverse the anode and cathode of battery

3, Do not disassemble or try to change the configuration of battery

4, Do not connect the anode and cathode of battery with any metal material

5, Do not put battery in water

6, Do not drop, impact, squeeze, puncture battery 

7, Charge the battery to 80%-90% capacity every three months before long time storage, and place batteries into cool and dry