Lighting lithium 3.7V Battery

   Model:3.7V Lithium  Battery

Application Range: Musical flowerpot, Bluetooth speaker, Table lamp

Rated Voltage:3.2V /3.7V 

Capacity Range:1.5Ah, 1.8Ah,2.0Ah, 2.2Ah, 2.6Ah (or custom-made)

Max. Charge Current:1C

Max. Discharge Current:3C (or custom made)

Measurement of finished battery pack:19.2*70mm (or custom made)

Cell type: 18650 /18500/16500/14500

Operation temperature range: -10℃ ~ 65℃

Safety: Explosion proof and custom-made protection

Self-discharge of cell: 4-8uA

IR of cell: ≤80mR

Wires: XH-2P, UL1007, 20AWG, 100mm (or custom made)


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